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UN asked to help end human rights abuses in Tibet

Mr. Ngawang Choephel, on behalf of the Society for Threatened Peoples, has urged the UN Subcommission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights at its 54th session on August 1, 2002 to help end human rights abuses in Tibet. The full text of his statement follows. Commission on Human Rights Sub-Commission on the Promotion […]

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Senator Feinstein says Tibetan cause is just one

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein said on July 10, 2002, that the Tibetan cause is a just one and stressed the importance of the continuation and perpetuation of Tibetan culture. She said that she has worked to safeguard the Tibetan culture since 1978 when she first came in contact with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and […]

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UN asks China to involve Tibetans in development projects in Tibet

Senior UN officials in China have stressed to the Chinese government the need to involve Tibetans in the decision-making process concerning developmental projects in their land and the need for greater access to Tibet for international aid agencies. The UN officials were participating in a two-day seminar on “International Cooperation in Tibet Autonomous Region Promoting […]

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Spurt in diplomatic visitors to Tibet

A series of diplomatic delegations have visited Tibet in recent months, according to media reports from Beijing and Lhasa. Diplomats from the United States, Mexico, India, and Germany as well as parliamentarians from New Zealand and Belgium have visited Tibet between April and June 2002. The U.S. Ambassador to China, Clark Randt, visited Tibet from […]

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Travel Permit

China urges Tibetan exiles to return but keeps shifting rules

In early February, China announced in the People’s Daily* that its policy of “all patriots belong to one big family” would be implemented for Tibetans. However, since then the implementation of the policy of granting permission to return to Tibet has been very inconsistent. *(6 Feb, 2002) The Chinese embassy in Kathmandu has shifted between […]

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Hu Jintao refuses to accept Congressional letters on Tibet

Visiting Chinese Vice President Hu Jintao on April 30, 2002 refused to accept letters of concern from four Members of Congress regarding China’s action in Tibet and on human rights. In a statement on April 30, 2002, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Whip, who had tried to personally deliver the letters to Vice President Hu, said: […]

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Richard Gere

ICT Chairman Richard Gere testifies on Tibet before Congressional Committee

Testifying before a Hearing on March 7, 2002, ICT Chairman Richard Gere said the United States Congress needs to strengthen its support to the Dalai Lama in his effort to resolve the issue of Tibet through dialogue with the Chinese leadership. Gere also asked the House International Relations Committee to study the findings of a […]

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Testimony of Lodi Gyaltsen Gyari on US Tibet policy

Addressing the House International Relations Committee on Tibet on March 7, 2002, Gyari stressed the China’s leaders need to engage the Dalai Lama in the interest of both the Tibetan and Chinese people. He also urged the United States Congress to continue strengthen its support to the Dalai Lama in his efforts to resolve the […]

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Paula Dobriansky

Tibet problem stumbling block to US-China relations, says Undersecretary Dobriansky

Dobriansky, the United States Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues, says the lack of resolution on the Tibet issue will be a stumbling block to fuller political and economic engagement by China with the United States and others. Addressing the House International Relations Committee on Tibet on March 7, Dobriansky said China needs to engage the […]

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Human Rights Watch says China tightened control over Tibet in 2001

An international human rights group has said that China changed its Tibetan policy in 2001 focusing on accelerated economic development and tightened control over alleged “secessionist” activities. In its annual global survey released on January 16, 2002, the New York based Human Rights Watch included summaries of human rights events in 2001 in 66 countries, […]

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Ambassador Holbrooke clarifies on his China Op-ed

Ambassador Richard Holbrooke has said that the situation in Tibet and Taiwan have changed greatly since the United States agreed on the three existing communiques with China. In an exclusive interview to the Taiwanese English language daily, The China Post,published on January 10, 2002 Holbrooke expanded on his suggestions for the need of a fourth […]

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International Campaign for Tibet commends new Amnesty report on torture in Tibet

A report released today by Amnesty International finds that political prisoners rarely avoid torture during detention in Tibet. According to the report titled, “Torture – A Growing Scourge in China -Time for Action,” torture in Tibet is: “particularly harsh during the early stages of custody and interrogation. Many report being beaten with whatever implement a […]

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