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Tibetan becomes new Lhasa Party Secretary; updates on leadership in Tibetan areas and the current climate in Lhasa

The appointment of a Tibetan, Che Dalha (Chinese: Qizhala), to the politically important position of Party Secretary of Lhasa Municipality (Xinhua, November 16) re-establishes a convention of ethnic Tibetans holding this post although it does not signal any broader shift in policy. While Che Dalha’s entire career has been spent in a Tibetan region of […]

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Replacement of Communist Party hardliner Zhang Qingli sets up opportunity for more measured tone in TAR

UPDATE September 2, 2011: Reports in China’s official media have now confirmed that Zhang Qingli has been appointed Party Secretary of Hebei Province, a relatively poor agrarian province despite its proximity to Beijing. Commentators have noted that Hebei has a sizeable community of Catholics loyal to Rome and the Holy See, and they therefore expect […]

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State media confirms Xi Jinping in Lhasa for celebrations

Reports in China’s official media confirm that Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping is currently in Lhasa, leading a central government delegation of 59 senior Party, government and military officials – including Chen Bingde, the People’s Liberation Army Chief of Staff – to “attend a series of celebrations” marking the 60th anniversary of the signing of […]

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Tibet Daily May 24

Official celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of the “Peaceful Liberation of Tibet”: attendees and absentees

Reports in China’s official media indicate that no one from the central government attended important celebrations held in Lhasa on May 23 to mark the 60th anniversary of the signing of the “17-Point Agreement,” a key treaty between the Chinese and Tibetan governments routinely cited by the Chinese authorities as the main legal and moral […]

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Yang Chuantang

New Tibet Party chief in leadership reshuffle

Beijing announced today that Yang Chuantang has been moved back to the Tibet Autonomous Region to take over as Party Secretary from Guo Jinlong, after his brief stint in Qinghai as deputy Party chief. Guo Jinlong, who took over as TAR Party Secretary in late 2000 from Chen Kuiyuan, has been promoted to Party Secretary […]

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China announces leadership change in Tibet Autonomous Region

China announced that Lekchog (Ch: Legqog), head of the Tibet Autonomous Region Government, has succeeded Ragdi (Ch: Raidi) as the Chairman of the TAR People’s Congress and that Jampa Phuntsok (Ch: Qiangba Puncog) has replaced Lekchog as the TAR head. Although the Xinhua report of May 16, 2003, only said Ragdi (see photo) has resigned […]

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TAR Party

New TAR Party Chief in leadership reshuffle

The Tibet Autonomous Region’s Party Secretary Guo Jinlong is being replaced by another Chinese leader, Yang Chuantang, formerly his deputy, according to Radio Free Asia -a move that has been rumoured for several months. Guo Jinlong, who is known for his experience in economic policy, has served in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) since autumn […]

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