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Armed Chinese police

Tibetan protest leaders hospitalized as Chinese police suppress demonstrations in Amchok

June 8, 2016

Following days of peaceful protests, armed Chinese police beat and detained a number of Tibetan demonstrators in the Amchok region of northern Tibet. The protests, which centered on stopping open-pit mining at Gong-Ngon Lari mountain, were stopped following the release of a circular written by the township government claiming that the protests were instigated by “evil people.” Amchok township remains in a state of tight control by Chinese security forces.

Shops and restaurants were closed in Amchok, in Sangchu county, Kanlho Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (in the Tibetan area of Amdo), on Friday June 3, as six Tibetan protest leaders were severely beaten and subsequently hospitalized. The violence appears to have been sanctioned by the township government, which warned in a circular notification that protestors would have to “take full responsibility” for the consequences of their demonstration.

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Tibetan demonstrators

Demonstrations continue in Amchok as Tibetans seek an end to mining at Gong-Ngon Lari mountain

June 3, 2016

Protests against an enormous open-air mining project in northern Tibet continued for a third consecutive day on Thursday (June 2). Tibetans marched down the main street in Amchok and raised a banner in front of the local government office this time, following earlier demonstrations at the site of the mine. The mine has previously been the site of two self-immolations by Tibetans.

Videos of the demonstrations, which have been shared widely on Tibetan social media accounts and posted to Youtube, show Tibetans chanting slogans calling for the government to protect the environment and to respect the faith of Tibetan Buddhists, who see Gong-Ngon Lari mountain as a holy place. Demonstrators have also quoted Xi Jinping’s speeches, which voiced support for ecological and environmental protection, in articulating their opposition to the mine.

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gold mining

Temporary halt to mining after protest in eastern Tibet: the rush to invest in Tibet’s lithium

May 9, 2016

A lithium mining project has been called to a temporary halt in eastern Tibet after local people protested. Footage emerged from Tibet last week showing Tibetan women wailing at the sight of dead fish found in a local river, a tributary of the Yangtze [Tibetan: Drichu], as a result of toxic wastes caused by the mining. A line of Chinese police in riot gear could be seen on the videos responding to the protest in Lhagang (Chinese: Tagong) in Kham, where rock lithium is mined – an essential mineral for batteries that power mobile phones and tablets.

An official document dated May 6, two days after local people gathered at the site to protest, stated that the local authorities were calling a halt to the mining because of “environmental problems” and in order to “resolve remaining issues”. ICT has seen a photograph of the document, which had an official stamp, after it was circulated on social media. A full translation into English is provided below.

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Disaster in Gyama draws attention to impact of mining in Tibet

An avalanche of rock, mud and debris struck one of Tibet’s major mining sites, Gyama copper and gold mine near Lhasa, on March 29, killing 83 miners who were mostly Chinese migrant workers. The disaster has focused attention on the toll of mining and industrialization in Tibet. There have long been concerns about the impact […]

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Wutai Temple

Holy mountain revered by Buddhists endangered by mining

A Taiwanese newspaper has reported that the holy mountain of Wutai Shan is being severely damaged by mining activities, in particular the frequent use of powerful explosives. Wutai Shan is believed to be connected with Jampalyang (Manjushri), Bodhisattva of Wisdom, and is considered one of the four sacred sites for Buddhists in China. It has […]

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China announces development of major Tibet copper mine to go ahead

Beijing has announced that it is going ahead with the development of a copper mine in Tibet which has the PRC’s largest copper reserves and is the only known deposit in the region with world-class potential. Copper is vital to China’s development and industrialization, but as a raw material is in very short supply. Investors […]

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ICT joins more than 300 NGOs to urge World Bank reform of policies on oil, coal and mining

As evidence of a mounting campaign to reform the World Bank’s support of the oil and mining industries, over 300 organizations from 72 countries called on Bank President James Wolfensohn to accept and adopt the recommendations of a review that he commissioned. The Extractive Industries Review (EIR) was initiated by Wolfensohn, who pledged to evaluate […]

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