Political Prisoners

Tibetan political prisoners endure harsh prison conditions, including torture, deprivation of food and sleep, and long periods in isolation cells. The majority of Tibetan political prisoners have been convicted of “crimes” relating to peaceful political activities, and for simply exercising their fundamental human rights.

ICT Prisoner File

This document accompanies the list of prisoners detailed in ICT’s latest prisoner list (below). ICT has been able to identify more than 600 people who have been detained since protests began across the Tibetan plateau on March 10, 2008. We believe that some of those Tibetans have since been released, usually after undergoing extremely brutal treatment while in detention. This list provides more detail on individuals named on the full prisoner list (below). View file »

ICT Full Prisoner List

This prisoner list includes only Tibetans detained after March 2008. View list »

Success Stories

Since 1988, the International Campaign for Tibet has helped get many Tibetan political prisoners released. Read about these success stories. View success stories »

External Resources

From Amnesty International to the U.S. Congress, many other organizations and institutions work on Tibetan political prisoner cases. View external resources »