<em>Tibetan survivors of self-immolation: repression and disappearance</em>

A Special Report by the International Campaign for Tibet

Tibetan survivors of self-immolation: repression and disappearance

March 19, 2015

A new ICT report reveals how Tibetans who survived self-immolation have faced violent treatment and disappearance, with some families unaware of whether their relative has lived or died years after they set themselves on fire.

The report, ‘Tibetan survivors of self-immolation: repression and disappearance’ documents cases of 20 Tibetans who survived self-immolation in Tibet, and three in exile. One hundred and thirty-seven Tibetans have set themselves on fire in the PRC since 2009, and seven in exile, representing one of the biggest waves of self-immolation as political protest in the last 60 years.

In most cases, Tibetan self-immolators in Tibet have died either on the scene, or afterwards in hospital - some go to great lengths to ensure that they will not survive, such as wrapping barbed wire around their body and drinking or covering themselves with kerosene. ICT’s report documents how the Tibetans who survive self-immolation and remain alive face extreme physical and psychological suffering due to repressive measures against them by the Chinese authorities.

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A Special Report by the International Campaign for Tibet

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