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Photo posted by Chinese tourist on Weibo

“Has life here always been like this?”

Chinese microbloggers reveal systematic militarization in Tibet

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Chinese microbloggers reveal China’s systemic militarization of Tibet

March 9, 2014

Chinese travelers to Tibet are revealing the extent of the militarization and repression inside Tibet that the Chinese government is attempting to cover up through propaganda and censorship, according to a ground-breaking report released today by the International Campaign for Tibet on the 55th anniversary of the 1959 uprising and the 2008 protests in Tibet.

“Chinese tourists are exposing the harsh truth of life in Tibet and undermining the peaceful narrative portrayed by Party propaganda,” said Matteo Mecacci, President of the International Campaign for Tibet. “The Internet postings of Chinese travelers provide an undistorted window into the smothering security apparatus imposed on Tibetan communities. Social media in China, which is facing increasing restrictions, is providing a useful tool to document the tense reality in Tibet and get around the government’s censorship regulations.”

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