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China’s response to UN rights review blatantly ignores its persecution of Tibetans

March 14, 2019

Geneva—China’s response to a United Nations review of the country’s human rights record represents a blatant denial of the human rights crisis in Tibet and other regions, the International Campaign for Tibet said today.

China’s conduct at the Universal Periodic Review session in Geneva is a mockery of this important UN mechanism and shows that China has no intention of respecting international human rights principles and the credibility of the human rights protection system as a whole, ICT said.

At Friday’s session, the UN Human Rights Council will discuss China’s response to more than 350 recommendations by member and observer states. China accepted those recommendations that applauded and whitewashed its policies and rejected those that called for improvement with regard to the rule of law and the freedoms of expression, assembly, association and religion.

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Tibet at the Universal Periodic Review: Action and Opportunity

November 15, 2013

  • 12 nations urged China to make human rights improvements in Tibet
  • China has until March to accept or reject the several recommendations on Tibet in the UPR Working Group report
  • Governments are urged to press China to accept, not ignore, Tibet recommendations

Tibet was raised by a greater number of countries in China’s second Universal Periodic Review (UPR) last month than in the same forum four years ago. By March 2014, China will report on what steps it will take to improve human rights conditions in Tibet as per the recommendations by other countries during the UPR process. This offers governments at the UN the opportunity to urge China to accept meaningful UPR recommendations on Tibet as it was elected to the Human Rights Council for 2014-2016.

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China’s rights record in Tibet to be scrutinized by UN

China’s report fails to acknowledge human rights violations in Tibet

October 18, 2013

China is being forced to defend its mistreatment of Tibetans as its human rights record goes under the world’s microscope on October 22 through its Universal Periodic Review (UPR) at the United Nations (UN).

“China’s report to the UN pretends that there are no widespread and systematic human rights violations occurring in Tibet, despite being well documented by objective observers,” said Kai Muller, Executive Director ICT Germany, who will be in Geneva for the China UPR session. “China’s failure to admit it has a serious problem undermines its credibility at the UN, and is an obstacle to human rights progress. We applaud other nations on the Human Rights Council for accurately representing China’s record.”

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