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ICT Inside Tibet: Tibetan nomads make rare appeal against removal from grasslands

September 5, 2017

  • Tibetan herders have made a rare appeal to the Chinese authorities after being banned from their traditional grazing grounds, saying that the orders are illegal in the context of Chinese law. The nomads, from a Tibetan area of Qinghai ( Amdo) were forced to leave their summer pastures, with large fines being imposed on those who refused and threats of imprisonment. Nomads have also been ordered to leave their grazing land in another area of Qinghai.
  • In their appeal, written by ‘the people of Dernang’ in a county in Golog and addressed to “The respected senior leaders of the People’s Republic of China, and concerned departments”, the Tibetan nomads write: “Taking away citizens’ rights to pastureland is against the constitution, against national and local laws, and a major cause of damage to People’s’ livelihood and way of life.” The appeal, and details about the order from Mangra county, are translated into English from Tibetan below.
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Xi Jinping visit to Qinghai reveals strategic importance of Tibet’s water, minerals; highlights CCP’s advanced plans

  • The visit of China’s Party chief and President Xi Jinping to north-eastern Tibetan region in Qinghai, in August signalled its importance to the Chinese leadership’s well-advanced long-term plans. Xi’s visit revealed the Party’s priorities in that region and beyond in terms of militarization of the plateau, the strategic importance of Tibet’s water and the intensified focus on exploitation of minerals, particularly lithium and uranium.
  • Making a visit to a nomad settlement village during his trip, Xi Jinping reiterated the retrograde official line about removing pastoralists from the grasslands, despite the scientific consensus among rangelands experts in the PRC and internationally that the indigenous knowledge of pastoralists and herd mobility are crucial to the protection of the environment. An award given by Xi to a People’s Liberation Army battalion based on the border near India raised hackles in South Asia.
  • In an indication of the oppressive measures against religious practice in Tibet, Xi warned that greater efforts needed to be made “to make religions […] follow a sinicized direction”.[1]
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New challenges to Tibet policy from inside China

June 27, 2013

Proposals to display portraits of the Dalai Lama, end denunciation of the Tibetan leader, and lessen police presence in monasteries have been discussed at a series of meetings in Qinghai, according to several unofficial Tibetan sources. The news emerged following the publication of bold new suggestions of engagement with the Dalai Lama and critique of policy on Tibet by Professor Jin Wei from the Central Party School.

Professor Jin Wei’s comments, published in Yazhou Zhoukan (Asia Weekly), a Chinese magazine in Hong Kong on June 9, and the reported proposals for a new approach in Qinghai indicate that the current hardline policy on Tibet is being questioned and discussed within the PRC. Since the 2008 protests and crackdown, Chinese and Tibetan officials and intellectuals are known to have expressed concern about the increasingly aggressive rhetoric against the Dalai Lama and its detrimental impact. Professor Jin Wei’s analysis, which is unlikely to have been made without any official backing, reflects that among some policy advisors, scholars and officials, there is a view that the critical situation in Tibet merits an evaluation of the central issue of the Dalai Lama’s engagement. Discussion on Tibet policy was silenced under the leadership of Hu Jintao.

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Monks from Lamu Dechen monastery in Malho

Tensions escalate in Qinghai: Rebkong self-immolation, student protest, monks commemorate March 10

There are fears for the safety of Tibetans in Rongpo in Rebkong, Qinghai, after the self-immolation of a young monk this morning (March 14) led to a peaceful gathering of Tibetans at the scene offering prayers, and then protesting Chinese policies. Despite an intense military buildup and restrictions in the area today, rare footage and […]

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Bold online appeals address persistent lead poisoning in Qinghai water supply

Urgent appeals have been posted online in Qinghai about lead poisoning in the local water-supply due to named mining and smelting operations, following up from a report in the Chinese state media in 2006 confirming that excessive levels of lead in the area had resulted in “panic” among parents. The appeals state that the matter […]

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