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Lithuania’s debt to Tibet

Published online September 20, 2013 by the European Voice.
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Lithuania has repaid the Dalai Lama for his support during the last days of the Soviet Union, by resisting Chinese arm-twisting

If I were the Chinese Communist Party, I’d think twice before picking a fight with Lithuania. The pro-independence leadership in Vilnius, armed with nothing more than stubbornness and clear-sightedness, exposed the arrogant, brutal and mendacious approach of Mikhail Gorbachev’s Kremlin, and inspired captive peoples and nations throughout the evil empire, speeding its end.

Most outsiders told the Lithuanians that they were rash, unrealistic and even outright dangerous, especially after 11 March 1990, when the parliament issued a declaration restoring pre-war independence: how could a country of 3.7 million take on a nuclear superpower?

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Dalai Lama and the President of Lithuania

Lithuanian President meeting with Dalai Lama highlights importance of EU solidarity

September 12, 2013

Many leaders in the world have met the Dalai Lama in recent years but it is only the second time that the exiled Tibetan religious leader has met the head of the country holding the EU Presidency, writes Vincent Metten.

On September 11, 2013 President Dalia Grybauskaite welcomed the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet, to Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius. In a moving video, President Grybauskaite told the Dalai Lama she was ‘honored’ to receive him. The Lithuanian leader’s actions were all the more significant as they followed a deep freeze in China’s relations with the UK after UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s meeting with the Dalai Lama in London last year. The meeting was also an important signal as Lithuania currently holds the six-monthly rotating Presidency of the European Council.

Two years ago, President Grybauskaite’s Estonian counterpart, President Toomas Ilves, also met with the Dalai Lama. Many other leaders in the world have met the Dalai Lama in recent years such as US Presidents Bush and Obama, German Chancellor Merkel, the President of the European Commission Barroso, UK Prime Minister David Cameron, Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofsadt, the late Czech President Vaclav Havel, and others. But it is only the second time that the exiled Tibetan religious leader has met the head of the country holding the EU Presidency.

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Show solidarity with Tibet, EU urged

Published online June 3, 2013 by Public Service Europe. Please view the report on www.publicserviceeurope.com. The people of the Baltic know what it is to face political persecution, so the Lithuanian EU presidency would be an appropriate time to facilitate engagement between the Dalai Lama and China The Tibet issue is a litmus test for […]

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ICT urges Lithuania to put Tibet on agenda during its EU Presidency

July 1, 2013

Brussels, 1 July 2013: The International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) called on Lithuania to continue its strong support for Tibet and ensure the Tibet issue is brought back to the forefront of the Council of the European Union’s political agenda, as the Baltic country assumes the six-monthly rotating presidency of the Council.

Vincent Metten, EU Policy Director at ICT’s Brussels office, said: “The people of the Baltic states, once under Soviet rule, know what it is to face political persecution under an occupying power. There is widespread popular support for the Tibetan cause in Lithuania, and Lithuanian MEPs have spoken out in the European Parliament about the need to take a stand against China. Unlike a number of other European countries, members of the Lithuanian Parliament met Tibetan Leader Lobsang Sangay during his recent visit to Vilnius, and there is great anticipation about the Dalai Lama’s forthcoming visit in September.”

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Inquiry into Lithuanian police action on pro-Tibet demonstrators

Lithuanian police action against a popular author and other pro-Tibet demonstrators during Chinese President Jiang Zemin’s visit to Vilnius on June 16, 2002, has developed into a controversial issue in the country. Lithuanian Interior Minister Juozas Bernatonis has ordered an investigation into the actions by police, according to AFP. The Baltic Times reports that Lithuanian […]

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New Zealand urges China to begin dialogue on Tibet

Several countries, including the EU, New Zealand, Norway, and Canada, referred to the situation in Tibet as the UN Commission on Human Rights began to deliberate on the agenda item that deals with the question of violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms in any part of the world (an item also known as country […]

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