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Latvian Parliamentarians Call for Fair and Transparent Judgement Process for Tibetan Language Advocate Tashi Wangchuk

February 6, 2018

On January 25th, Members of the Latvian Parliaments, including members of the Latvian Parliamentary Support Group for Tibet, adopted a statement on the case of Tibetan language advocate Tashi Wangchuk.

The signatories, twenty members of the Saeima (the Latvian Parliament) – out of a total of 100 parliamentarians – call for a “fair and transparent trial of Tashi Wangchuk” and “urges the People’s Republic of China to implement a judgement process that is constant with international legal standards, with the presence of observers at his trial”.

The statement follows a number of resolutions and statements calling for a fair trial for Tashi Wangchuk and/or his release –
including a resolution of the European Parliament and statements by French and German parliamentarians, adding to the growing international pressure in the case of the young human rights defender, who has been detained by the Chinese authorities since January 2016 and is still waiting for the verdict of his trial held on 4 January.

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ICT Brussels staff

EU should act for the resumption of Sino-Tibetan dialogue during Latvia’s Presidency

January 9, 2015

BRUSSELS – The International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) called on Latvia to ensure that the Tibet issue is brought back to the forefront of the Foreign Affairs Council’s political agenda, as the Baltic country assumed the six-monthly rotating presidency of the Council on 1st January 2015.

Vincent Metten, EU Policy Director at ICT’s Brussels office, said: “The people of the Baltic states, once under Soviet rule, know what it is to face political persecution under an occupying power. There are many similarities between Latvia’s recent history and the current situation in Tibet. For this reason, there is widespread popular support for the Tibetan cause in Latvia and the other Baltic countries. It is important that policy-makers take civil society’s will into consideration on such an important matter.”

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New Zealand urges China to begin dialogue on Tibet

Several countries, including the EU, New Zealand, Norway, and Canada, referred to the situation in Tibet as the UN Commission on Human Rights began to deliberate on the agenda item that deals with the question of violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms in any part of the world (an item also known as country […]

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