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Italian Government confirms the right of Tibetan refugees to travel to Italy

August 4, 2017

ICT joined with the Tibetan Community in Italy, the Italy Tibet Association, and the Italian Buddhist Union to reverse some decisions of the Italian authorities to deny visas to Tibetan refugees from India traveling to Italy. We will monitor the correct application of standards and against any inaccurate interpretations such as there have been in these last two months.

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Marina Sereni

Tibet hearing in Italian Parliament and ICT advocacy during Dalai Lama visit, Oped published in Italian newspaper

June 12, 2014

The International Campaign for Tibet worked to put Tibet on the political agenda as the Dalai Lama arrived in Italy this week. ICT President Matteo Mecacci spoke at a hearing at the Human Rights Committee of the Chamber of Deputies in Rome today and briefed government officials on Tibet in advance of Italy assuming Presidency of the European Union on July 1.

Matteo Mecacci, President of ICT, said: “We have met members of the government, including the Undersecretary of State Benedetto Della Vedova, high ranking diplomats and parliamentarians to brief them about the situation in Tibet and raise awareness on the repressive policies employed by the Chinese government. In particular, I stressed the growing militarization, the criminalization and collective punishments following self-immolations, the plight of political prisoners, and the state control on Tibetan Buddhism.”

New Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi met Chinese President and Party chief Xi Jinping on June 11 in Beijing on his first visit to China as Italy’s leader. Renzi’s visit to China coincided with the Dalai Lama’s arrival in Italy on June 10, beginning with an important Tibetan religious and cultural institute in Tuscany, Lama Tzong Khapa Institute in Pomaia.

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Parliamentarians worldwide address G20 on Tibet

Amsterdam, 23 June – The newly-established International Network of Parliamentarians on Tibet (INPaT) today called upon the G20 leaders to take a proactive role in achieving a negotiated solution to the crisis in Tibet through dialogue between the Chinese government and the Dalai Lama’s envoys. In a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on […]

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Dalai Lama hosted by the Italian Parliament for World Parliamentarians Conference on Tibet

The Dalai Lama arrives in Rome today to address the 5th World Parliamentarians Convention on Tibet at the Chamber of Deputies, the Italian Parliament. Matteo Mecacci (PD), President of the Parliamentary Inter-group for Tibet, said: “We are delighted that the President of the Chamber of Deputies Gianfranco Fini will meet formally with His Holiness the […]

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International Tibet scholars call on China to end harsh repressions in Tibet, should stop tactic of blaming the Dalai Lama

An international group of Tibet scholars have asked President Hu Jintao and China to take steps to end the harsh repression in Tibet saying “that silence is no longer an option for a group whose members have devoted their professional lives to the study of Tibet’s culture and history.” In an open letter to President […]

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Palden Gyatso

ICT commends the IOC for meeting with hunger strikers; calls for further IOC action

On the ninth day of their hunger strike in Torino, Italy, the three Tibetan hunger strikers – including the 74 year-old Venerable Geshe Palden Gyatso – were met by a senior IOC official who expressed concern on behalf of the IOC for the condition of the hunger strikers and asked them to call it off. […]

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Global vigil for Tibet’s Panchen Lama

Take part in the Global Vigil for Tibet’s Panchen Lama being held in over 21 countries around the world on May 17, 2005 – the 10th anniversary of the Panchen Lama’s disappearance! The vigils will mark China’s abduction and its prolonged and unjustifiable detention of Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, the 11th Panchen Lama of Tibet. This […]

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Tibetan leader briefs German Parliamentarians on Tibet-China contact

The chairman of the Tibetan Cabinet, Kalon Tripa Samdhong Rinpoche, on May 9, 2003 briefed members of the German Parliament’s group for Tibet about the current status of Sino-Tibetan contact. According to a report from the Tibet Bureau in Geneva, Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche participated in the first meeting of the German Parliamentary Group for Tibet […]

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