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Images of Tibetan flag and tight security in Ngaba circulate online

July 14, 2017

A Tibetan flag was displayed briefly on July 12, 2017 from a building in Ngaba (Chinese: Aba) from a street, which is being referred to by Tibetans as “Heroes” (or Martyrs) Street due to the high number of Tibetans who have self-immolated and demonstrated there.

Images and footage of the flag, which is banned in Tibet, circulated online, indicating a determination to send a message of resistance despite the crackdown in the area.

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Chinese flag

Tibet’s Party boss calls for all monasteries to fly the red flag

April 8, 2015

Tibet’s top Party official has called for Chinese red flags to be displayed on all Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, in a statement made today in Lhasa reported in the Chinese media.

This follows a call for monasteries and nunneries to become centers for propaganda made by Tibet Autonomous Region Party chief Chen Quanguo last week. The Party Secretary’s comments are in the context of a strategy by the Beijing leadership to intensify CCP presence and control across Tibet, following the unrest that swept across the plateau from 2008 onwards. This has led to a more pervasive and systematic approach to ‘patriotic education’ and a dramatic increase in work teams and Party cadres in rural and urban areas. The Chinese government casts loyalty to the Dalai Lama and religious faith as obstacles to its political objectives in Tibetan areas.

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New images of deepening crackdown in Nagchu, Tibet

October 15, 2013

New images show a broadening crackdown in Driru (Chinese: Biru), Nagchu prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), and protests by local Tibetans at the detentions of a monk and young writer. Further details about an incident in which police opened fire and killed four Tibetans, reported by Radio Free Asia, could not be fully confirmed due to the lockdown in the area and the Chinese authorities’ attempts to prevent news on the tense situation in Driru reaching the outside world. (RFA, Four Tibetans Shot Dead as Protests Spread in Driru County – October 11, 2013).

The unrest in Nagchu follows a drive to enforce loyalty to the CCP through compelling the display of the Chinese flag as part of the Party’s strategy to intensify control across the TAR as the answer to political ‘instability’. At the end of September, hundreds of officials were sent to Nagchu to enforce compliance by monasteries and families in the area.

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Troops open fire on Tibetans in escalating crisis in Nagchu

October 8, 2013

  • At least 60 Tibetans were injured, some seriously, on October 6 in Driru after Chinese troops opened fire on Tibetans calling for the release of a local Tibetan who had objected to orders from a ‘patriotic education’ work team prior to China’s National Day on October 1.
  • The incident followed a crackdown on September 29 in Driru (Chinese: Biru), County in Nagchu (Ch: Naqu) Prefecture in the Tibet Autonomous Region, after a failed attempt by the authorities to compel families and monasteries in the area to raise Chinese national flags to mark the founding anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. More than 40 people were detained and many more seriously injured as a result of severe beatings from security forces.
  • Tsering Gyaltsen, who is in his twenties, was named by sources as being one of those seriously injured after torture in detention after police apparently singled him out as a ‘ringleader’ of the peaceful expressions of dissent. Despite his serious condition, he was prevented from receiving medical treatment for several days. He is now in hospital in Lhasa in critical condition. Other Tibetans injured by beatings or torture were unable to travel for medical treatment due to restrictions on movement in the area.
  • Militarisation has been dramatically stepped up in the Driru area after resistance to work teams sent as part of an intensified drive across the Tibet Autonomous Region to enforce loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party. Tibetans in Driru are still in danger as the authorities enforce an even more intense lockdown than before, cutting communications with the area. A notice has been disseminated in Lhasa to warn people from the county not to return there at present, according to exile Tibetan sources.
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Troops moving into Driru in Nagchu.

Militarization escalates in Nagchu, Tibet, after Tibetans resist raising Chinese flag

October 4, 2013

  • Troop presence has been stepped up in Nagchu and local schools closed following a failed attempt by the authorities to compel families and monasteries in the area to raise Chinese national flags to mark the founding anniversary of the People’s Republic of China on October 1.
  • New images show troops enforcing a lockdown in Driru (Chinese: Biru) county after people in two villages displayed prayer flags and refused to raise the Chinese flag for China’s National Day. According to Tibetan sources, local schoolchildren in the area did not attend performances for the celebration of National Day. Some schools in the area have now been closed, and Radio Free Asia reports that Mowa township, where Tibetans had refused to display the flag, has been turned into “a military camp”.
  • Attempts by the Chinese authorities to force Tibetans to display the Chinese flag on their homes and in monasteries have been met with determined resistance and have led to deepening tensions in various parts of the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR).
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