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New conditions for Village Committees candidates exclude Tibetans who ‘secretly’ hold sympathy for the “Dalai Clique”

September 25, 2014

  • The Chinese authorities have imposed stringent new conditions on candidates for village-level committee elections in one area of Tibet, which includes the exclusion of anyone who has attended religious teachings by the Dalai Lama, has ‘overseas connections’ or who “secretly has sympathy for the 14th Dalai clique”.
  • The conditions were announced by Ngari (Chinese: Ali) prefecture in the Tibet Autonomous Region as the authorities carry out a new round of committee elections all over PRC. China claims that these elections represent the implementation of ‘village democracy’, but the new Tibetan-specific conditions are a further indicator that the Tibetan people face discrimination and do not enjoy the limited rights granted by the Chinese authoritarian system.
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Chinese state media blame “Dalai clique” and announce detentions in aggressive security drive against Tibetan self-immolations

The Chinese state media announced the detention of seven Tibetans in Gansu who they blame for ‘organizing’ a self-immolation, saying that they are members of the ‘Dalai clique’ and the exile activist group the Tibetan Youth Congress, based in India. The strong statement, which appears to be aimed at a Chinese audience, is indicative of […]

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Leaked document reveals detailed Chinese PR campaign against Dalai Lama

An intricate and orchestrated external public relations campaign to support China’s hard-line positions toward the Dalai Lama is outlined in a 22-page Chinese government document, leaked by an official in Beijing. The document gives a rare and detailed glimpse into the inner workings of a plan to aggressively influence Western public opinion, exposing many of […]

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Leaked PRC statement on ‘Tibet-Related External Propaganda’

Statement from Zhao Qizheng at the meeting on national research in Tibetology and external propaganda on Tibet. Zhao Qizheng is minister in charge of the Information Office of the State Council, People’s Republic of China. Tibet-related external propaganda and Tibetology work in the new era* 12 June 2000 *Translated from the original in Chinese. The […]

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