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Friends of Tibet supporters make a special commitment to human rights in Tibet by providing steady, reliable core funding for ICT. Thanks to your monthly pledge, we know we will have the funds when needed to respond to emergencies and sustain ongoing program work. For example, the dedication and generosity of Friends of Tibet supporters have made it possible for ICT to:

  • Care for political prisoners released suddenly into ICT’s custody;
  • Monitor unexpected emergencies, such as the political upheaval in Nepal, and the closing of the Tibetan refugee center there;
  • Support the Dalai Lama’s ongoing efforts to find a peaceful resolution to the situation in Tibet.

By becoming a Friend of Tibet, your support ensures ICT’s ability to continue our work for Tibet, month-to-month, year to year, without interruption.

Plus you’ll never need to write another check or send in another renewal—and you will help us save money on administrative fees, so even more of your gift goes to work to help Tibet right away.

Your gifts will have a big impact. Just $10 a month adds up to over $100 a year for Tibet!

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You may always call or email Brian Ahern, Donor Relations Manager at (202) 580-6770 or [email protected] to make any updates or to enroll or cancel.

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