Tibet Weekly Updates

Tibet Weekly Updates are weekly summaries of news and governmental actions related to Tibet.

March 2014

Tibet Update (3-19-14)

  • Health of detained Tibetan abbot in danger
  • Authorities display overwhelming force around sensitive March period
  • Failed promises at the forefront of new book by long-serving Tibetan Party cadre

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Tibet Update (3-10-14)

  • New ICT report uses Chinese social media to show crackdown
  • Tibetans in exile commemorate 55th anniversary of Tibetan uprising
  • Dalai Lama returns to Washington
  • Spanish Socialist Party challenges parliamentary procedure to end Tibet cases
  • Restrictive atmosphere for Tibetans in Nepal
  • Tibetan New Year invites culinary exploration
  • ICT looks to train next generation of Tibetan leaders

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February 2014

Tibet Update (2-28-14)

  • Dalai Lama-Obama meeting: are the Chinese crying wolf?
  • Sarah Sewall assumes new role as U.S. Tibet Coordinator
  • State Department report details widespread human rights abuses in Tibet

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Tibet Update (2-21-14)

  • President Obama welcomes the Dalai Lama for third meeting
  • Tibetan self-immolator passes away in hospital
  • Collective punishment threatened in Tibetan county
  • Chinese official sharply criticizes Western countries over Tibet issue

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Tibet Update (2-14-14)

  • Tibetan self-immolations: 5 years on
  • Hundreds gather to protest detention of religious leader
  • Spanish parliament vote could signal end to Tibet cases
  • Dalai Lama: corruption is “a form of violence”

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Tibet Update (2-3-14)

  • Tibetans targeted for political “crimes”
  • Recent fires in Tibet spark concern for overdevelopment
  • Chinese New Year takes on martial theme in Tibetan area
  • Congress hears from next Ambassador to Beijing; approves Tibet funding

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January 2014

Tibet Update (1-9-14)

  • A Tibetan monk’s offering for Tibet’s future
  • Latest Tibetan targeted in collective punishment campaign
  • Fatal consequences result from unchecked power
  • Tibetans respond with non-violence after authorities target senior religious leader
  • Dalai Lama honors Tibetan non-violence in New Year’s message

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December 2013

Tibet Update (12-18-13)

  • New ICT president seeks to enhance Tibet issue in global capitals and societies
  • Tibetan father passes following self-immolation protest
  • Tibet’s state of play in London, Washington, Madrid, and Tokyo
  • Major media amplifies change needed in Tibet

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November 2013

Tibet Update (11-22-13)

  • Young Tibetan self-immolates; government official calls for information blackout
  • Tibetans detained after calling for release of political prisoners
  • Former Chinese leaders face arrest following Spanish court ruling
  • Sikyong meets US leaders in Washington
  • Tibet supporters rally around petition
  • Karmapa opens Himalayan environmental conference

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October 2013

Tibet Update (10-26-13)

  • China’s human rights failures highlighted at UN
  • Spanish court indicts former China leader over Tibet policies
  • UK denies changing Tibet stance to secure trade agreement
  • Widening security response follows crackdown in Tibet
  • Reports highlight tense security crackdown in Tibet
  • Chinese media reacts to Dalai Lama visit in U.S.

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Tibet Update (10-15-13)

  • Tibetan crowd fired upon in Tibet Autonomous Region
  • Troops deployed, crackdown follows civil disobedience by Tibetans
  • Tibetan man dies in first self-immolation in over two months
  • Chinese human rights defender raises concerns for Tibet
  • Witness to Tibetan history passes at age 90
  • Lithuanian President meets with Dalai Lama in Vilnius
  • EU Human Rights Representative visits Tibet
  • China set to go before UN Human Rights Council
  • China’s record scrutinized by UN child rights committee

July 2013

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June 2013

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May 2013

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April 2013

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March 2013

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February 2013

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January 2013

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